Month: September 2017

Dispatches from the Dissertation, Part 3

It’s been almost two months since my last update, which was not at all intentional. But life and politics and school starting and the diss…

You get the picture.

At any rate, as mentioned previously, I spent most of the summer doing research for my first dissertation chapter. Last month, I dug in and started writing (I’d been writing informally while doing research, but now I’m into the more structured stuff). It’s been going well…ish? I posted this on a writing group I’m in a couple weeks ago:

Post about the arbitrariness of dissertation deadlines

Shout out to dissertation humor.

This is only slightly written for comic effect. My initial (HIGHLY ASPIRATIONAL) goal when I began working on the diss in May was to have a chapter draft done by the end of July, then it became beginning of August, then end of August, then end of September, and it’s currently mid-October.

And the thing about it is that I am working. I’ve been writing pretty consistently every week. I have hella pages, but this chapter needs more content (and yeah, this is before revision, which I’m very much trying not to think about right now, thank you very much). I have a good sense of the things I want to say, but what I’ve come to realize is that writing all those words down takes much more time than I’d initially planned for.

I made a timeline for the whole project when I started to give myself some structure because there isn’t really much when you get to the dissertation except “get out before they take your money” haha. And I’ve had to reconfigure that schedule some during this first chapter process. When I look at it, I can see my inner overachiever wreaking havoc. Last semester, somebody on my committee told me ahead in the process. I don’t think I *technically* am, but I do have a tendency to push myself (mostly within reason) to get things done. I’m trying to get myself to a place where I can go on the job market next fall, which should still be reasonable with the timeline I’ve laid out for myself, but even knowing that, I still have a bit of inner turmoil every time I push it back.

That being said, I’m getting better at it (*I think*).

P.S. Everybody responsible for dissertation formatting needs to look at their lives and their choices because these fights y’all are making me have with Word are not cute.