My name is Jacinta Yanders, and I primarily research mediated representations of identity as well as contemporary media trends. I recently defended my dissertation, which examines the production and reception of television reimaginings in which elements of a character’s identity have been changed from what they were in the original text.

I’ve previously presented research at various conferences, such as the Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association National Conference and the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference. My presentations have addressed topics such as the intertwining of television and social media, representations of the Black Lives Matter Movement and police brutality on television, and the reconfiguration of the Syfy network as a potential space for progressive representations.

Recently, my chapter “Building and Breaking an Antihero: The Rise of Sonny Corinthos” was published in the book Hero or Villain?: Essays on Dark Protagonists of Television, and my essay “Interactions, Emotions, and Earpers: Wynonna Earp, the Best Fandom Ever” was published in the March 2018 issue of Transformative Works and Cultures.

I decided I wanted to teach in the second grade (true story!), and my undergraduate degree is in English Education. As such, I’ve previously taught English/Language Arts at the middle and high school levels, and I’ve brought much of the pedagogical knowledge I acquired in those experiences to teaching at the college level. My college level teaching has spanned a variety of subjects, including composition, film studies, television studies, and digital media.