The Ohio State University, 2014-Present 

  • Introduction to Popular Culture, Instructor of Record, “So, You Think You Know Pop Culture” (AU18)
  • Introduction to Fiction (Online), Instructor of Record, “Fantastically Real: Using Fictional Literature to Make Sense of Our World(s)” (SU18)
  • First Year Writing, Instructor of Record, “Representations of Food in Culture”  (SP18)
  • Introduction to Film, Recitation Leader (AU17)
  • Second Year Writing: Documentary in the U.S. Experience, Instructor of Record, “Documenting Crime, Justice, and Power” (SP17)
  • Digital Media Composing, Instructor of Record, “Television and the Rise of Digital Media” (AU16)
  • Introduction to Film, Recitation Leader (SP16)
  • First Year Writing, Instructor of Record, “Gender in Pop Culture” (AU15)

Indiana State University, 2012-2014

  • Freshman Writing II, Instructor of Record (SP13/14)
  • Freshman Writing I, Instructor of Record (AU12/13)